Power Generation

Fuel gas skids, Nox reduction modules, turbine washing module, Lube oil modules, SSOV module, and others package equipment.

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Oil & Gas

Fuel gas condition skids, Feed filter package, meeting station, Filter Coalescer skid

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Project Management/Engineering Consultancy/Commissioning for New Build, Modification and Conversion Projects

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Steroids plant vent scrubbing package

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Desalination and Waste Water Treatment industries

Sea water treating and sulphate removal package, Seawater reverse osmosis module ( SWRO).

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Others Products

Compressor skid , Under sea villa , Electrical and Instrument panels , Piping, Piperack, Structure & FAT services

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Marine 8 is a sister company of BLM 8 holdings with portfolios ranging from Mechanical, Process, Electrical & Instrumentation services, steel stocking & trading, calibration services to Marine, Oil & gas, Power, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical industry and other niche industries.

Marine 8 is formed to expand the foot print of BLM 8 holdings in Engineering and Fabrication businesses. For this we have brought together a team which has got strong exposure in this arena through working with leading Global Giants for more than 3 decades.


To be ethical and prompt in serving customers and to be globally successful.


To adopt all best practises and principles which enable us to provide the best service to our customers.


To provide relief funds for disaster stricken locations and causes that will help to foster biological diverse and sustainable mother nature.


Marine 8 specialises in modular process skid design and fabrication for Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Desalination and Waste Water Treatment industries. We also provide after sales service support, site commission/supervision, site acceptance test (SAT) as well as spare parts.

We have partnership with fabrication shop in Singapore, and other parts of the world to provide best quality products @ competitive price. Lean manufacturing techniques are adopted to increase the productivity which allows us to deliver the best quality products on time to our customers.